POSTED 17 August 2020

U.S. vehicle inspection opens up after COVID-19

In the US, Opus vehicle inspection programs that were on hold during the COVID-19 crisis have been opening up.

As the pandemic spread across the U.S., many Opus vehicle inspection programs closed, leaving motorists unable to check their vehicle emissions. During May and June, almost all have re-opened, with the exception of Maryland, where our stations are still being used for COVID-19 testing [link to previous article].

Safety has been paramount for the re-opened programs, with Opus bringing in social distancing and other measures to protect customers and staff. “Opus has shared best practices from among our various programs in Ohio, Colorado, Tennessee, and Indiana to establish a very robust testing process that both protects motorists and Opus’ inspectors,” says Andy McIntosh, President of Opus U.S.

Jerad Von Feldt, Opus Station Manager for Arvada, Colorado, where the measures are in operation adds: “The new testing procedures we are using since reopening are very streamlined.  The staff likes the ability to test vehicles in a manner that is less intrusive to the motorist and gives them and us a stronger feeling of personal safety in this new environment.”

Andy is pleased that Opus can get back to delivering its mission: “Air quality is very important to public health and vehicle inspection programs are critical to protecting it, so I am delighted that so many of our programs are back in operation.”

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