Decentralized program management with the latest in database management, inspection equipment, and fleet analyzer systems.

The Opus team manages the Connecticut emissions testing program, including supply and support of the emissions database management system (EDBMS), telecommunications network, and original inspection equipment and fleet analyzer systems.  Our latest contract with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (2021 – 2033) includes:

  • Providing new, superior technology and equipment for all assets used in the new CTVIP;
  • Recruiting and expanding the testing network to cover existing and underserved areas;
  • Delivering, installing, and maintaining new CDAS analyzers to all recruited stations;
  • Providing award winning Opus computer-based training to nearly 900 inspectors;
  • Architecting, implementing, and operating an all-new EDBMS data system;
  • Monitoring testing processes and results to detect fraud;
  • Providing lightning-fast data reporting services; and
  • Proactively responding to changing fleets in regard to heavier/larger vehicles as well as rapidly evolving vehicle technologies.

To fulfill the above objectives, the Opus team has:

  • Provided more than 235 BAR 97 type OBD analyzers for vehicle inspection stations throughout the State. Test systems perform all required I/M tests, including OBDII, TSI, evaporative emissions, visual inspections, and snap acceleration Diesel opacity tests
  • Provided Fleet OBDII Tablet Systems with fully automated user interface for use by fleet stations to perform the I/M tests required by fleets, including OBDII, visual inspection, and evaporative emissions tests. 
  • Supplied an Internet based Emissions Database Management System (EDBMS) solution for managing the statewide enhanced emissions inspection program. 

Annual inspections: 860,000; Decentralized stations: More than 235.

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