Intelligent Vehicle Support

Meeting the challenges of modern vehicles

Opus empowers automotive service technicians to meet the challenges of ever-increasing vehicle computerization through a range of advanced diagnostic, programming and remote assistance services.

Intelligent Vehicle Support division

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Ready-to-use tools and services

With our advanced tools and services, automotive technicians can perform complex diagnostics and remotely manage computer reprogramming to keep vehicles safely on the road, without the need for deep vehicle-specific knowledge.

Supporting complex vehicle systems

Today's vehicles are becoming more complex and computerized. Our services enable automotive service technicians to keep pace with these changes across multiple vehicle brands using our remote services.

Market trends and drivers

Advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), connected car technologies and automation create a growing need for diagnostic and programming services.

Our products and services

DriveProTM ES

Have the confidence to repair the most intelligent vehicles with OE-licensed diagnostic software, remote programming, OE pre-/post-scanning and calibration—all connected in real time to factory-trained, remote experts.


Verify whether intelligent vehicles are safe to drive after a collision with the only OE-endorsed pre-/post-repair scanning tool to integrate wide OE coverage, on-demand QuickScan, remote programming and calibration with live repair guidance from master technicians.


Get support to diagnose, repair and OE-scan the most complex vehicles fast with live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians who remote directly to the vehicle.


Program intelligent vehicles with hassle-free, remote-assisted flash programming services, backed by DrewTech's market-leading J2534 expertise with wider coverage than any other system available.

J2534 Pass-thru

Ensure successful programming and diagnostics with market-leading OE-endorsed tools from DrewTech, including Cardaq(R), Mongoose(R) and DrewLinq(R).

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