Around the world, Opus works to improve road safety and reduce vehicle emissions.

As the world faces the challenges of climate change and population growth, Opus team members make a significant contribution to safer roads and cleaner air.

30 million annual vehicle inspections

In the industrialized world, there have been systematic efforts to improve road safety and air quality, including compulsory vehicle inspection, since the 1960s.

Deaths from road traffic in developed countries have decreased over time, so that Vision Zero--no traffic fatalities in a year--is a realistic goal in some regions. Air pollution from vehicles has also fallen.

As the market leader in the US, and with programs in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, the Opus team has helped to increase road safety and improve air quality since we were founded in 1990. Through our recent global expansion, we are also helping to improve safety and reduce emissions in low- and middle-income countries where traffic fatalities and pollution levels remain high.

Working in Latin America

In low- and middle-income countries, vehicle fleets are growing. But most of this growth comes from used cars imported from industrialized countries – many of which are ageing, unsafe and high polluting. As a result, developing countries now account for 50% of the world’s road traffic, but 90% of traffic fatalities.

Governments in these countries are setting up vehicle inspection programs to reduce road deaths and combat air pollution in cities.

In the last few years, Opus team members have expanded our operations to Latin America. Our advanced testing technologies, robust inspections, and anti-fraud technologies are helping to increase compliance and identify the most deficient vehicles.

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Engaging in public policy

Opus actively engages in public policy and debate around the positive impact of our business in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as #11 Sustainable cities and communities.

We are a member of the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER) and regularly attend and speak at events to promote sustainable development, such as the annual UNIDO conference and the United Smart Cities Annual Meeting event.

We are committed to developing partnerships with governments and authorities around the world to set up effective vehicle inspection projects that are sustainable, self-funding, and free from fraud.

Our sustainability report

As a global vehicle inspection and intelligent vehicle support company, we recognize the positive impact we can have. Our sustainability reports reflect our ten corporate sustainability goals and our framework for sustainability management.

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