Opus IVS

Opus IVS is a global leader in vehicle communication technology and service. We equip automotive service shops for tomorrow's automotive world through state-of-the-art diagnostic and reprogramming tools for US, Japanese, and European car brands.

Founded in 1996 as Drew Technologies, Opus IVS is based in Michigan, USA. For over 20 years, the company has pioneered the development of diagnostic and programming equipment based on the automotive SAE J2534 and heavy duty TMC RP1210 vehicle communication standards.

Opus IVS products, such as CarDAQ®, Mongoose® and DrewLinQ® have been tested and validated extensively and are backed by industry-leading technical support. They are trusted by automotive service technicians worldwide, and by many new car dealerships, as the essential, approved original equipment tools.

With in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, Opus IVS is constantly innovating and has more than 30 patents pending. As well as tools and technical support, the company also offers RAP®, a remote assistance package to help repair shops service complex and advanced vehicle systems.

Other services include white label products and services for other manufacturers, distribution channels, and diagnostic companies related to diagnostics, vehicle communications, telematics, and data logging.

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