Making a global difference every day

Through conscientious employees and innovative technology, the Opus team is making a difference in Vehicle Inspection and Intelligent Vehicle Support by improving road safety and reducing vehicle pollution.

Why Opus

We're doing work that makes a difference. From developing vehicle inspection programs globally to designing solutions for computerized vehicles, we play an active role in the global challenge of creating a safer and cleaner world.

Meet Opus employees

From station managers to software developers to lane inspectors, Opus employees are friendly, dynamic people who recognise our impact on the world.

Current opportunities

We're always interested in dynamic, entrepreneurial people who want to make a difference. We frequently advertise opportunities on our job sites.

Graduate and intern opportunities

Opus is always looking for great talent to add to our growth-oriented company. Recent college graduates can start their careers with a dynamic organisation that is helping the world become a safer and cleaner place for all.

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