Meet Opus employees

Program Manager in United States

Stephen manages the Tennessee Vehicle Inspection Program, which tests around 1.6 million vehicles every year.

Lane Inspector in United States

Ted is a lane inspector in Ohio, where he assesses vehicle emissions for the E-Check program.

Software Development Group Manager in the United States

Mala manages a group in Technology Development in Tucson, Arizona.

Station Manager in Latin America

Nicolás manages a six-lane vehicle inspection station in Córdoba, Argentina.

Station Manager in Sweden

Emma manages two stations near Stockholm in Sweden: one that inspects trucks, buses and motorhomes – and another that inspects cars.

Staff Accountant in United States

Claire works in the Finance department in East Granby, Connecticut.

Quality and Environmental Manager in Sweden

Thomas manages quality and environmental systems, standards and certifications for the company.

Vehicle Inspector in Sweden

Roger inspects cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks at a station in northern Sweden. He also trains new inspectors.

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