Cache County, Utah

Decentralized program management with the latest technology.

In early 2020, the Opus team was awarded a contract to provide the Bear River Health Department in Cache County, Utah with an updated technical solution that minimized risk and offered the greatest possible opportunity of delivering a seamless transition for program authorities, station owners, and motorists.  Under the contract and in the middle of the pandemic, the Opus team provided 60 inspection stations in Cache County with new equipment and implemented a new data management system for County authorities on schedule.  Key elements of the contract include: 

  • Developing, installing, and managing a new data management system (VID), including a communications network to connect all inspection stations in Cache County. 
  • Providing and maintaining new tablet-based Drive Clean inspection equipment to the 60 program inspection stations. 
  • Training and supporting certified inspectors. 
  • Providing call center support for inspection stations. 
  • Performing remote inspection data monitoring, which leverages proprietary Opus technology to ensure inspection stations are properly performing inspections. 

Testing under the new program began on October 1, 2020.

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