Air Care Colorado

Centralized emission testing through 18 stations, with Clean Screen remote sensing.

Envirotest, an Opus company, has been operating the Air Care Colorado program for the Colorado Department of Health and the Department of Revenue since 1994. The network of 18 centralized inspection stations provide a full range of emission inspections including IM240, tailpipe and on-board diagnostic (OBD).

The Clean Screen program uses remote sensing technology to measure emissions at the roadside as vehicles drive by. Vehicles identified as clean can get an exemption from their next scheduled emission test, saving them valuable time. This also allows the fixed emission testing facilities to focus efforts on the most polluting vehicles.

The Air Care Colorado program has 14 stations with 75 lanes, and 15 remote sensing units in the Denver and Boulder metro areas; and 4 stations with 23 lanes, and 4 remote sensing units in Northern Front Range, Larimer and Weld counties. The program carries out 1.2 million inspections each year.

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