Lane Inspector in United States

Ted is a lane inspector in Ohio, where he assesses vehicle emissions for the E-Check program.

My background

I have worked at Opus for 10 years as a lane inspector.

My skills and knowledge

Lane inspectors need to understand vehicles and vehicle emissions – and the importance of clean air.

You need to be ready to learn about the program requirements in the location where you work. For example, I have lots of knowledge of the E-Check program in Ohio, which is all about clean air and protecting the ozone layer.

Why Opus?
  • You will have the chance to educate customers on the importance of clean air.
  • You will work with and get to know lots of people – both employees and customers.
  • You will contribute to cleaner air.
My advice to potential employees

It’s important to be aware of the emissions of a vehicle and how they affect the environment.

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