Global Vehicle Inspection programs

Opus works with government agencies to develop unique solutions, targeted to their policy goals. We have created inspection programs in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia, to handle the complete range of vehicles – from motorcycles and motorized rickshaws to complex, computerized modern vehicles.

We operate centralized programs, where we provide a complete inspection and program management service through government-owned inspection stations, and decentralized inspection programs where we provide support services to independent stations, such as equipment-as-a-service (EaaS), training and helpdesk support.

Our programs


Vehicle Inspection program with 93 stations in Sweden.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Vehicle Inspection programs in the city and the province of Buenos Aires.

Argentina, Cordoba

Vehicle Inspection program in the city of Cordoba.


Vehicle Inspection programs in various regions of Chile.

Punjab, Pakistan

A vehicle inspection and certification program with up to 39 inspection stations.

Sindh, Pakistan

A province-wide Vehicle Inspection and certification program.


Vehicle inspection Software in Bogota DC and Cundinamarca region

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