The role of technology

Opus is leading the way to safer roads and cleaner air with our in-house technology capabilities.

Roadside emission testing

In Europe and the U.S., the focus today is on strengthening emissions regulations and improving air quality in cities further.

Many governments have adopted roadside tests to ensure compliance with emissions standards. Opus’ remote sensing devices measure emissions as vehicles drive past, capturing licence plates through in-built cameras. Our technology has already helped to uncover that the engines of certain high-polluting diesel cars were manipulated to pass emission tests in inspection stations.

We will continually strive to improve our technology and services so that we can help take the most polluting and unsafe vehicles off the road.

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Towards safe, autonomous vehicles

Vehicles today can brake automatically and even warn the driver if they change lanes too quickly. But a major study by CITA, the international motor vehicle inspection committee found that electronically-controlled vehicle safety systems fail as much as mechanical ones – and require complex technologies to support them.

As we move towards an autonomous future, vehicles will only increase in complexity. We are already seeing the first deaths caused by self-driving cars, and the demand for technologies to assure their safety will continue to grow.

At Opus, our advanced diagnostic, programming and remote-assistance services are helping automotive service technicians meet the challenges of today’s increasingly computerized vehicles and the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

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