Systech International and Environmental Systems Products (ESP) merge to form Opus Inspection

POSTED 07 May 2013

Systech International and Environmental Systems Products (ESP) merge to form Opus Inspection

Systech International and ESP are entering the final phase of their highly successful merger that began last year.  The companies are assuming a single legal identity marked by a single name that reflects their combined status as the only fully vertically integrated company in the vehicle inspection industry – Opus Inspection Inc.  

While both companies are starting to operate under Opus Inspection now, the complete legal merger of Systech and ESP with Opus Inspection is scheduled for the end of 2013. 

Lothar Geilen, CEO of Opus Inspection, said, “We have had an exciting couple of years for our company": 
• We have combined Systech with ESP in the U.S. and formed a division with Opus Bilprovning in Sweden resulting in a larger, more capable vehicle inspection company. 
• Over the past 18 months, we have been awarded many valuable contract extensions and new I/M contracts for the Wisconsin, North Carolina and New York vehicle inspection programs. 
• Our Development Center has expanded to more than 30 engineers, tripling its size from two years ago.
• Our manufacturing facility is buzzing with activity as we prepare to deliver 10,000 OBD analyzers to the New York vehicle inspection program and launch several other new products in other programs.”

“I am especially proud of the Opus Inspection senior management team”, said Mr. Geilen.  “They have worked cohesively and tirelessly to build Opus Inspection into the new company we are today and to continuously improve our organization.  We at Opus Inspection will continue to provide the highest level of service and support that our valued customers deserve and expect from us.”

The senior management team of Opus Inspection has decades of experience delivering successful vehicle inspection programs.  The team includes:
• Tom Fournier, Vice President of Engineering and Business Development
• Chris Smith, Vice President of Operations
• Bruce Kohn, Vice President of Systems Architecture
• John Bradley, Vice President of Sales
• Bill Dell, Executive Director of Business Development
• Jeff Bagley, Director of Administration
• Frank Ofiero, Corporate Director
• Marc Brinker, Director of Manufacturing Operations

For additional information, please contact
Magnus Greko
President and CEO
Phone: 46 31 748 34 00

Peter Stenström
Investor Relations
Phone: 46 765 25 84 93

Opus Group's Certified Adviser
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