Opus Inspection begins full operation of the New York vehicle inspection program (NYVIP2)

POSTED 23 January 2014

Opus Inspection begins full operation of the New York vehicle inspection program (NYVIP2)

On January 16, 2014, Opus Inspection assumed full operation of NYVIP2 under its exclusive contract with the State of New York.  Opus Inspection has designed, built and delivered over 9,800 new vehicle inspection analyzers to participating inspection stations throughout the State of New York and is now processing 100% of the inspection related transactions with its new data management system.  Opus Inspection began NYVIP2 operations in October 2013 in parallel with the legacy system, which has now been fully replaced by the new Opus system.

Under the NYVIP2 contract, Opus Inspection:
• Developed, installed, and manages a new data management system including a communications network that connects nearly 10,000 inspection stations.
• Provides and maintains new NYVIP2 inspection equipment for all stations.
• Processes over 11,000,000 inspections per year.
• Trains and supports approximately 60,000 certified inspectors statewide.
• Provides call center support for inspection stations, repair technicians and the motoring public.   

“Today, less than 11 months since signing the contract, we have implemented the largest vehicle inspection program in the U.S.” said Lothar Geilen, President of Opus Inspection.  “Almost 10,000 New York inspection stations are using the advanced on-board diagnostic (OBD) equipment we have designed, which is communicating in real-time with our new centralized data management system.  We are especially grateful to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles for their support throughout the launch of the new NYVIP2 program.”

The contract will continue for a period of seven years and may be extended for up to two additional years.

Gothenburg, January 23, 2014
Opus Group AB (publ)  

For additional information, please contact
Magnus Greko
President and CEO
Phone: 46 31 748 34 00
E-mail: magnus.greko@opus.se

Peter Stenström
Investor Relations
Phone: 46 765 25 84 93
E-mail: peter.stenstrom@opus.se

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