Opus Inspection awarded US Patent for OBD Fraud Detection System (1)

POSTED 16 April 2014

Opus Inspection awarded US Patent for OBD Fraud Detection System

Opus Inspection, Inc. has been awarded US Patent 8,666,588 FRAUD DETECTION IN AN OBD INSPECTION SYSTEM.  The innovative technology, marketed under the trademark “Tamper Terminator™,” addresses a problem that has been increasingly challenging to government agencies relying on On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) testing for emission inspection since the early 2000’s.  Specifically, vehicle owners sometimes tamper with, or remove, catalytic converters, and make other modifications to emission control systems that can have significant negative effects on tailpipe emissions.  Any type of tampering with emission control systems with the goal of fraudulently passing an emission inspection is illegal in the US and many other countries, but can be hidden using readily available devices to evade detection, such as aftermarket performance chips and O2 simulators.

Opus Inspection's patented Tamper Terminator detects the use of such illegal devices during a mandatory OBD based emission inspection. Tamper Terminator has been field tested in Portland and Los Angeles. When used in conjunction with an emission inspection program, the ability to show reduced tampering rates may provide the basis for claiming additional emission credits from the US EPA, thus providing an incentive for states to implement the new technology.

“Continued innovation is central to our business philosophy,” said Lothar Geilen, President of Opus Inspection. “This new technology will improve the efficiency of conventional emission inspection programs. We look forward to introducing Tamper Terminator™ to our current and future customers.”

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