Opus Group’s subsidiary Systech International awarded a seven year vehicle inspection contract by the Commonwealth of Virginia

POSTED 19 July 2013

Opus Group’s subsidiary Systech International awarded a seven year vehicle inspection contract by the Commonwealth of Virginia

Systech International LLC, which is in the process of changing its name to Opus Inspection, has signed an exclusive contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to provide Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance Program, Program Coordinator Services.  Systech International will provide all 531 inspection stations in northern Virginia with new equipment, and implement and operate a new data management system for DEQ.

Under the Program Coordinator contract, Systech International will:

• Develop, install and manage a new data management system including a communications network to connect all inspection stations in northern Virginia.

• Provide and maintain new NVAS-2 inspection equipment to the 531 Virginia inspection stations.

• Process approximately 900,000 inspections per year.

• Train and support certified inspectors.

• Provide call center support for inspection stations.

• Perform remote inspection data monitoring leveraging Systech International's proprietary technology to ensure inspection stations are properly performing inspections.

“We are excited to be working with the DEQ and Virginia’s vehicle inspection business community to upgrade and improve the I/M program,” said Lothar Geilen, President of Systech International. “The new inspection equipment we will provide the stations is based on a brand new design and is California BAR 97 certified. Its reliability and accuracy far exceeds that of any competitor’s system. Furthermore, Systech International will own the equipment and will be responsible for its maintenance to the highest quality standards for the duration of the contract. Our latest innovations in data management will connect the stations to the Department with real-time video and data communications and live, interactive applications to streamline the State’s oversight responsibilities.”

The contract will continue for a period of seven years and may be extended by the DEQ for two additional years. The contract will be operational and start generate revenues in 2014.

The order value of the contract is not disclosed due to competitive reasons.

For additional information, please contact
Magnus Greko
President and CEO
Phone: 46 31 748 34 00
E-mail: magnus.greko@opus.se

Peter Stenström
Investor Relations
Phone: 46 765 25 84 93
E-mail: peter.stenstrom@opus.se

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