POSTED 12 May 2020

Keeping vehicle inspection going in Sweden

While many vehicle inspection stations are closed across much of Europe and the Americas, our stations in Sweden remain open. Opus has been working with industry partners to ensure vehicle inspection can be carried out safely across the country.

In a country with many dispersed communities, road travel remains an important way to get around outside cities. Opus Bilprovning believes that we have an important social mission to keep our stations open as usual. Per Rosén, President Vehicle Inspection Europe, commented, ‘It would be devastating if road safety were put at risk at a time when our healthcare system is already under heavy strain.’

Working with Fordonsbesiktningsbranschen (the Swedish Association of Vehicle Inspection companies) and the Swedish Public Health Authority, we have set up safety measures for the industry – with a special focus on protecting at-risk groups. All unnecessary interactions between customer and inspectors have been eliminated.

We are following social distancing guidelines, maintain adequate cleaning practices and provide necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to all our employees. For any customer who does not want to enter an inspection station at all, we are offering pick-up and drop-off services instead.

To further support public authorities, Opus Bilprovning is following Opus in the United States by making space available in some stations for coronavirus testing. In Vallentuna, near Stockholm, healthcare professionals can be tested safely while remaining in their cars.

Per commented, ‘We are very pleased to safely help any motorist whose vehicle needs inspection. On a personal level, I would also like to offer a special thank you to our customer-facing employees for their commitment.’

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