Indiana Clean Air Car Check

Centralized emission testing through seven stations, supplemented by remote sensing.

Envirotest, an Opus company, provides a complete centralized emission testing program in Lake and Porter Counties in Northwest Indiana, under contract to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

As well as emission testing through seven stations and 22 lanes, we provide services including data management, project management, operations support, requirement definition, business analysis and development support. The program tests over 200,000 vehicles a year, and also screens vehicles for evaporative leaks using the company’s remote sensing technology.

Envirotest also provides registration titling services to the State through its Public Service Provider (PSP) contract with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Motorists can renew their vehicle registrations once they have successfully completed the inspection process. Envirotest then calculates the applicable registration renewals fee, collects from the motorist and remits to the state as a one stop shop.

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