U.S. emission testing programs

We operate centralized programs, where we provide a complete inspection and program management service in our own inspection stations; and decentralized systems, where we support independent stations with services such as testing equipment, Vehicle Inspection Database, training, PR and helpdesk support.

In several U.S. states we complement regular emission testing with remote sensing, including Clean Screen programs where motorists can choose to have their emissions tested at the roadside and earn an exemption from their next scheduled emission test if their vehicle passes clean.

Opus programs

New York

Decentralized program providing emission testing equipment, data management and ongoing support.

Rhode Island

Supporting decentralized safety and emission testing through 330 inspection stations.

Tennessee (METRO)

Centralized emission testing through six stations in the Nashville Metro area.


Providing equipment and software to support safety testing.

Utah County

Supporting a decentralized emission testing and maintenance program with advanced equipment.

Air Check Virginia

Supporting decentralized emission testing through 540 stations, plus RAPIDPASS® remote sensing.


Supporting decentralized emission testing through 200 stations in the greater Milwaukee area.

Envirotest programs

Air Care Colorado

Centralized emission testing through 18 stations, with Clean Screen remote sensing.


Centralized emission testing through seven stations, supplemented by remote sensing.


Centralized high-volume emission testing through 18 stations and 10 self-service testing kiosks.

Ohio E-Check

Centralized emission testing through 23 owned stations, partner repair shops, 16 24/7 self-service kiosks, plus Clean Screen remote sensing tests.

Tennessee (TDEC)

Centralized emission testing through ten stations, and mobile testing.

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