System1® ASM

A five-gas emission analyzer that delivers fast, accurate results through a simple tailpipe test.

Our System1® ASM emission testing system is interfaced with the dynamometer to test tailpipe emissions on vehicles at speeds of 15 mph and 25 mph under load. This tailpipe test is a highly effective way to get fast, accurate results, helping station owners to test more vehicles and save time and money. The equipment tests for hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and oxygen.

System1® technology

Our System1® Gen 3 solution, developed for California, Texas and Georgia is the most advanced equipment on the market.

  • Internet-ready for high-speed communication through the Opus Vehicle Inspection Database (VID)
  • Enhanced reliability—which means less downtime
  • Parts and labor service agreement for analyzer and dynamometer
  • Delivery and installation at no extra charge
  • Dyne interface cable for Mustang, Maha, or Clayton dynes
  • OBD Interface

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