Security architecture

Opus has multi-layered security practices to protect systems from cyber attack and failsafe backup to ensure business continuity in the event of a system failure.

All of the data we collect through the Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) is stored in secure, FedRAMP-certified data centers. We use state-of-the-art firewalls and encryption to defend against the threat of cyber attack, and proactively monitor security threats to detect and disable them before harm occurs. Each program area is segmented and separate from others to prevent a breach spreading and causing system-wide faults.

Automatic fail-over for added resilience

Our main servers and applications are built in a redundant, fail-over environment, so they automatically switch to backup servers if a failure occurs. This includes all of the mission-critical databases, applications and reporting services our customers rely on. Backup servers are located separately for maximum resilience and business continuity.

Key security features include:

  • DMZ VPN 3DES Firewalls
  • Trusted Zone 3DES Firewalls
  • LDAP Active Directory synchronization
  • DMZ VLAN Network segmentation at the connection level
  • Trusted Zone VLAN Network segmentation at the connection level
  • Encrypted VPN connections between branch offices
  • Proactive real-time node monitoring

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