Program administration

Our Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) provides administrators with a powerful collection of tools to help them manage inspection operations efficiently.

Our convenient browser-based interface makes day-to-day program administration easy. It can be accessed via the internet with no need for system hardware. User-friendly applications enable administrators to control system access, monitor performance and configure test and calibration parameters and procedures.

Automated anti-fraud triggers

Opus' data management systems also proactively monitor for and report questionable test behavior. Easily configurable interfaces are provided that allow program managers to pre-define possibly fraudulent activity and then select from a variety of outcomes when the activity occurs.

Key program administration features
  • Secure access with robust protection against unauthorized users
  • Data encryption to protect sensitive data in transfer
  • Role-based authorization ensuring access is tailored to each user’s need
  • Emissions standards configuration management
  • Dynamometer configuration management
  • Vehicle lookup configuration management
  • Analyzer configuration
  • Inspector/technician and user configuration
  • Network configuration

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