Interface architecture

We integrate our Vehicle Inspection systems with local data systems in each jurisdiction to ensure seamless and reliable data transfer.

Opus has designed and developed data exchange interfaces between different systems in countries around the world, providing seamless solutions that ensure the integrity of data is always maintained.

We work collaboratively with our partners in each location to define and develop interfaces that ensure secure, complete and reliable transmission of information between systems - and deliver timely data reports to support regulatory enforcement and compliance.

Working with your preferred technology

Opus has experience in successfully working with client's preferred technology, from modern web-based services offering real-time data transfer to batch mode methods such as secure file transfer protocol.

We can integrate systems using:

  • SOAP or REST-based web systems
  • FTPS or SFTP file transfer protocols
  • Custom serial port protocols using modem banks
  • Custom TCP/IP socket protocols
  • TN3270 client APIs
  • Identity and access protocols
  • X.25
  • Active directory

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